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Live Minder became a full marketing service in February of 2011. Before that,, it was part of services I provided under TechDex Development & Solutions.

As a developer and programmer, I had unusual access to raw data that I used to predict very accurate trend information for my development clients - it was part of the research used when building websites and applications.

I've always received questions about where to get marketing services to capitalize on that information, and after a few years of receiving complaints that marketing is simply too expensive, (especially for the majority of new startups that were the majority of my client base), I decided to study marketing and provide the services that my clients requested most.

It started out as "Live Minder Trend Analysis" and later on, it simply became Live Minder as I spread out from doing just trend analysis and added other services as I learned them.

What Makes Live Minder Unique?

As stated on my home page, the biggest complaint I received from prospect clients wasn't about the price, but rather a feeling of being "took" by a lot of others who took their money, but didn't deliver on the promises - that, (and the need for affordability), defined my business model.

Instead of outsourcing like everyone else, I put in the time to build my own resources. So instead of a rising overhead with more and more clients, the only thing I had was a steady overhead, and I was able to pass the savings on to my clients, (to the tune of thousands of dollars a month).

Also, instead of relying solely on third party networks, I put in the hard work to create building my own network, and then partnered with others to bring fast and reliable results on my terms.

The other thing that makes Live Minder unique is that it is "results-driven" not profit-driven. For my clients, the attention to detail, personalized service and focus on getting results provided a very unique approach that works very well.

Unlike other companies that seem to operate on near automation by putting in your information and clicking a submit button, Live Minder does the work right. I begin with market research and trend analysis; then I identify strengths and weaknesses; and then I create a custom plan of action that includes several strategies including search engine optimization, social media, classifieds, pay per click and more.

Live Minder truly is one of the most solid marketing solutions around today. It is affordable and delivers results.

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