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Live Minder Market Research is a unique process we created to gather information about your current market and existing customers, and identify potentially new, untapped, or under-utilized markets.

We gather information from several hundred resources including news, current events, business reports and publications, consumer surveys, blogs and articles, online search statistics and much more.

After all of that information has been systematically analyzed, what you get is an accurate and in-depth look at your business.

  • Customer Demographics (who are they? where they are located? how much do they spend?)
  • Competitor Analysis (who are your competitors? what are they charging?)
  • Website Traffic Analysis (where is traffic is coming from? when do they visit? what content is viewed most?)
  • SEO & Internet Analysis (what are people typing into searches to find you? what sites are linking back to you?)
  • ROI/Cost Analysis (are you spending too much in certain areas of your marketing? are you not spending enough in others? do you have marketing efforts that yield no result?)
  • And more...

Live Minder market research is unique, in-depth, and very accurate, and you will receive a simple, yet detailed report and free consultation.

To be contacted by a representative, or for more information, please fill out the form below and click "Register," or call 919-576-9255.

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