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As a results-driven company, transparency is very important. Not just to my success, but my client's as well. I can tell you from experience that marketing results, like anything else fluctuates. There are ups, downs, periods of steadiness, and everything in between.

Many companies try to portray steady or rapid growth all the time, and it's simply not the case, especially in today's economic climate where nothing is certain. I let you see the ups and the downs for my clients, (where permitted by the client), so that you see what they see. There is nothing hidden... just raw data.

I just don't have room to build a list of all of them, so I will list just a few from clients that were not mentioned in the testimonials. Click on the links below to view their Alexa rankings, which report rankings based on traffic.

This list was last updated on October 6th, 2011

PC Support Today: 2,580,743 Global Rank
Chronic Behavior: 5,883,994 Global Rank
NAI Michael Companies: 2,970,709 Global Rank, 598,443 US Rank
TechDex.Net: 457,915 Global Rank, 100,518 US Rank
Echoingwalls Music: 526,068 Global Rank, 101,456 US Rank
Bob Hart Chevrolet: 45,184,548 Global Rank

More coming soon!

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